Where to Watch University War Korean Show Online?

Where to Watch University War Korean Show Online?

When you say food, I hear Pasta; when you say fun, I hear beach; and when you say competition, I definitely hear University War, the world-famous Korean reality show.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more challenging, here’s the new battle for Korean University Students. It is a one-of-a-kind reality show that finds fans among all age groups. And if you too, just like me, can’t go on with your life without watching this epic combat, here is how to watch the University War Korean show online.

Where to Watch University War Online?

It is a unique yet entertaining reality show that creates a battleground for the top 1% of students from five prestigious universities in Korea and tests their brain power, mental calculations, logic, reasoning, memorization, and many such skills. I personally love the show for its unique format and its focus on academic achievement.

TV Series Full Name University War or 대학전쟁
Country of OriginSouth Korea
Release Date3 November, 2023
GenreVariety show
Total Episodes8
Run Time9 hours 14 minutes (69/ Episode)
UniversitiesThe Universities that are involved in this epic battle are-
1. Seoul National University
2. Korea University
4. Yonsei University
5. Pohang University of Science and Technology

University War Korean Show is on Bilibili, MyAsianTV, and Dailymotion only as of now. The show originally aired on Coupang Play in November 2023 and is not available on this platform as well. The show might return to this platform in the future, but there is no official confirmation. Whenever the show becomes available on any streaming platform, I will update you on this article.

Where to Watch University War Korean Show Online?

University War Korean Show Is Available On Bilibili

Bilibili is a video-sharing platform nicknamed B Site. The Korean show is available to stream on the Bilibili App.

The only issue here is not all the episodes are available for free. You can view certain initial episodes for free, but then you have to buy their membership.

Where to Watch University War Korean Show For Free?

Though having a premium plan always gives you the ease of accessing any movies or shows, you do have the option to stream this Korean show without any charges. Here are the platforms where you can watch it for free-

University War Korean Show Is Available On MyAsianTV

All episodes of this TV series are available to stream on MyAsianTV for free.

University War Korean Show Is Available On Dailymotion

The Korean reality show is available to watch on Dailymotion for free. However, you can also buy a premium Dailymotion plan to enjoy the added benefits.

How to Watch University War in Canada, the US, the UK and Australia?

The series is available to stream in Canada, UK, US and Australia through- 

  • Bilibili
  • MyAsianTV
  • DailyMotion


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Wrapping Up

Here are all the ways by which you can watch University War online. It is officially available to stream on Bilibili. However, if you are looking for free alternatives, then MyAsianTV and Dailymotion are your two options.

If you still have any concerns, Do reach out to us and share your doubts in the comment section below.

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