Where to Watch Israelism Documentary in 2024?

Movie Still- Israeli Army man captured Palestinian and blind fold him - Where to Watch Israelism Documentary

If we’re talking about the most intense conflict, it’s definitely between Palestine and Israel. The conflict not only affects the region but also global politics. Israelism is a powerful film that talks about this conflict and criticizes the American Jewish institutions’ treatment of Palestinians.

Despite many “campaigns to stop its screening,” the documentary has won awards, admiration, and hearts. I know you want to know where to watch Israelism, so join me for all the info.

Where to Watch Israelism Documentary?

I found the Israelism documentary truly inspiring. It follows two young American Jews, Simone Rimmon Zimmerman and Eitan, who have a deep love for Israel, visiting the area. But there, they faced the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which changed their perspective in a different direction.

Israel’s ill-treatment of Palestinians left Simone and Eitan heartbroken. The filmmakers have also included interviews with Noam Chomsky, Noura Erakat, and Peter Beinart to support the idea of the film.

Documentary Full Name Israelism
Release DateFebruary 23, 2023
Original Premiere Big Sky Film Festival
GenreWar, Crime, Political Conflict
Directed ByLeigh Brooks
Run Time1 hour and 24 minutes
Content Rating16+
Stars• Peter Beinart,
• Jeremy Ben-Ami,
• Noam Chomsky
• Simone Rimmon Zimmerman
• Eric Axelman

You can watch the Israelism documentary on many platforms like Google Play, Fandango At Home, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Kinema, Apple TV, YouTube, and Microsoft.

Buy or Rent Israelism Documentary on Google Play

You can rent the documentary on Google Play for $6.99. If you’d rather own it, it’s $14.99 for SD and $19.99 for HD.

Buy or Rent The Israelism Documentary on Fandango At Home

You can buy or rent this film on Fandango at Home (formerly Vudu). Renting costs $6.99. Buying the documentary will cost you $14.99 for SD and $19.99 for HDX.

Watch Israelism Documentary on Vimeo on Demand

On Vimeo on Demand, renting the documentary costs $6.99 for both SD & HD qualities. To buy it, you’ll have to pay $12.99.

Buy or Rent Israelism Documentary on Amazon Prime

Prime also lets you rent this documentary at the cost of $6.99 for both SD and HD. If you want to buy it, it is priced at $12.99 for SD as well as for HD.

Movie Still - Palestinian child among Israeli Army - Where to Watch Israelism Documentary

Rent Israelism Documentary on Kinema

If you’re outside the US, renting this documentary is a great choice. It’s available for $6.99, though buying it isn’t an option.

Buy or Rent Israelism Documentary on Apple TV

You can also watch it on Apple TV. The documentary’s price on Apple TV is similar to what you’d find on Google Play, YouTube, and Prime.

Watch Israelism Documentary on YouTube

Nope! It is not free on YouTube. You have to rent the documentary for $6.99 or buy it for $14.99 (SD) and $19.99 (HD).

Buy Israelism Documentary on Microsoft

Though you won’t find any option to rent this movie on Microsoft, you can buy it for $12.99. Whether you like SD or HD, 720p HD or 1080 HD, the price is fixed and one!

How to Watch Israelism Documentary in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, and Australia?

You can stream the documentary on multiple platforms, but regional restrictions apply. In the US, it’s available on Google, Fandango At Home, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, YouTube, and Microsoft. Elsewhere, Vimeo and Kinema are your best bets.

Apart from this, the documentary is gaining new audiences every day and continues to have screenings. So you can also join in person!


IMDB7.6 / 10
Amazon PrimeNA
Disney +NA
Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score93%
Old Coast Rocks8.8 / 10

Readers Score (Till Now)

Movie Still - Simone Rimmon Zimmerman holding flags- Where to Watch Israelism Documentary

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Wrapping Up

How exciting that you can watch Israelism on various platforms! I love seeing this documentary reaching more people every day. With ongoing shows and new streaming channels picking its rights to run up is really awesome. Let me know where you’re planning to watch it and what your thoughts are on its content!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I watch Israelism Documentary?

You can watch the documentary on Google, Fandango At Home, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Kinema, Apple TV, YouTube, and Microsoft. You can also watch it in theaters.

2. Is Israelism Documentary on Netflix?

No, the documentary is not on Netflix.

3. Is Israelism Documentary on Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can rent or buy the documentary on Amazon Prime if you are in the US.

4. Is Israelism Documentary on Hulu?

No, it’s not on Hulu.

5. How to watch Israelism Documentary on Disney Plus?

You cannot watch the documentary on Disney Plus.

6. Where to watch the Israelism documentary in the USA?

You can watch the Israelism documentary in the US on platforms like Prime, Vodu (now Fandango At Home), Vimeo, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft, and Apple TV. You can also watch its shows in theaters. It is still running.

7. Is the Israelism Documentary on YouTube for Free?

No! But you can buy or rent it on YouTube.

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