How to Watch ReelShorts Series for Free: 9 Effective Ways

How to Watch ReelShorts Series for Free: 9 Effective Ways
How to Watch ReelShorts Series for Free: 9 Ways

It’s fustrating when you get hooked on a series on ReelShort with the first few free episodes, then you need tokens to watch the rest. No one wants to spend a fortune just to finish a show, right?

Well, you will love what I’ve found. I’ve discovered some great ways to watch ReelShorts series for free, and I think this blog is exactly what you’ve been looking for. So, lemme get you watching without the cost! Here are the ways you can watch the ReelShorts Series for free.

How to Watch ReelShorts Series for Free?

Since TikTok made us love short videos, we’ve seen a worldwide shift. Vertical screens are taking over, and 1-2 minute videos are replacing the longer ones. Even films, dramas, and documentaries are being shortened and filmed vertically to fit the trend.

But unlike TikTok, apps like ReelShort charge you to watch content. However, there’s some good news. ReelShort has multiple rewards you can earn. These rewards give you tokens, which you can trade to unlock episodes.

1. Check-in Bonuses

If you log in to the app for consecutive days, you can earn check-in bonuses. These rewards increase from 10 bonuses on the first day to 50 bonuses on the seventh day.

ReelShort - Check In Rewards - How to Watch ReelShorts Series for Free

2. Daily Task Bonuses

ReelShort offers daily tasks like following them on social media or subscribing to their notifications. Each task earns you 30 bonuses.

ReelShort - Daily Task Reward - How to Watch ReelShorts Series for Free

3. Apps and Games Bonuses

You can earn multiple bonuses by downloading and using apps suggested by ReelShort. Just use the app for the required time and claim your bonuses. Some apps even offer bonuses for up to seven days, with an average of 330 bonuses per app.

Using this reward program, I was able to unlock multiple episodes of the My Two Fiances series on the app.

ReelShort - App Reward - How to Watch ReelShorts Series for Free

4. Watch Ads Bonuses

You can watch up to seven ads each day, with rewards increasing as you watch more ads. For example, the first ad might give you 15 bonuses, while the seventh ad could give you 40 to 50 bonuses. Be sure to watch the full ad and exit using the ad prompt.

ReelShort - Ads Reward- How to Watch ReelShorts Series for Free

Additionally, you receive some bonuses just for signing up. Remember, bonuses are equivalent to coins and can be used to unlock content just like purchased coins.

Other Platforms to Watch ReelShorts Series for Free?

You can also watch ReelShort’s series for free on video-sharing platforms like Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, Third Party Apps and Breezy SS. The latter is only for iOS users.

1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is one of the leading video-sharing platforms where you can watch ReelShorts series for free. Compared to other sites like YouTube and Facebook, I find more ReelShorts shows on Dailymotion. It typically offers most shows without cuts, compiling all episodes into one full-length video.

ReelShort YouTube Handle - How to Watch ReelShorts Series for Free

2. YouTube

If you know how to use the YouTube search bar effectively, you can find almost any content. ReelShort itself posts free episodes on its YouTube channel, and you can also find other various channels uploading them. However, sometimes, the titles may be misleading, and unofficial channels might not post episodes in order, making it hard to locate the next episode.

Ps- Keep checking our aticles to find the direct links at the latest.

3. Facebook

Facebook is a major name in social media, and you can find many ReelShorts series for free. I’ve watched shows like “Revenge Marriage Sweet Love” from the DramaBox app, another app similar to ReelShort, on Facebook. While there are many shows available, they are often scattered, requiring dedication to locate all parts.

4. Third-Party Apps & Sites

You can also find ReelShort’s series on less popular sites, but be cautious. These sites often have ads and may pose risks to your mobile or PC. For example, Watch Drama 4 Free and Klipist cover many series. But they come with ads and can trigger antivirus alerts. So, proceed with care.

5. Breezy SS App

Breezy SS is a fantastic option for iPhone or iPad users to watch many short series shows, including ReelShorts series, for free. Don’t be misled by the app description; it has a hidden world beyond its published front interface on the App Store. Just download the app and type “NO” as a passcode to unlock a world of short series.

Wrapping Up

That’s all about how to watch ReelShorts series for free. Personally, I like the reward program and watching some locked episodes on Dailymotion when I run out of tokens. I hope this brief guide helped you out. If you have any other methods, please share them with me in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I watch ReelShort for free?

    Yes, you can watch them for free. All you need to do is be patient and collect reward tokens. You can also watch them on other streaming platforms like Dailymotion and YouTube.

  2. Where can I watch ReelShort dramas for free?

    You can watch them free on the ReelShort app using free tokens. They are also available on sites like Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, Klipist, and Watch Drama 4 Free.

  3. Do you have to pay for ReelShort?

    Yes, if you want to watch complete shows, you need to pay to buy coins that unlock locked episodes. You can also earn bonuses from the Reward tab, but it requires dedication, patience, and time.

  4. Is the ReelShort app safe to use?

    Yes, ReelShort is generally considered safe to watch. However, most of its shows are only meant for adult or mature audiences.

  5. Who owns the ReelShort app?

    It is a Chinese app owned by a publicly listed company, COL Group.

  6. Who are ReelShort competitors?

    ShortMax, Sereal+, KalosTV, and ShortBox are some leading competitors of the app.

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